Hello fellow bass fishing enthusiasts - LET'S GO FISHING!!!!

I just want to make clients aware that as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitor and report on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), I am doing my part as a business owner to make your day on the water as safe as possible.  I have soap, sanitizer, fresh towels and even sterile gloves if you need to help reduce the spread of anything while on my Triton bass boat.  

The health and safety of my clients is top priority. While catching fish is an important part of our day on the water, I want us to enjoy the beauty of nature, the waterways and life in general while we team up to catch fish!!  Fear not during these times!  Looking forward to seeing you on the water soon! 

~Art Ferguson III



When you vacation in Kissimmee, you maximize your vacation value.  You make more of your time away and enjoy more of the things you love - from five-star luxury to a campsite with a ceiling of a million stars, from rides that rock your world to sights that stop you in your tracks, from shop-'til-you-drop to a pick-me-up-massage, from spectacular golf to fishing on incredible chain of lakes, from bonding moments, to romance, to the world's greatest nap.

Please visit Experience Kissimmee for lodging information in the Kissimmee and St. Cloud areas.


If you are interested in Art personally picking out a place for you to stay, please let him know at time of booking trip.



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